VCE Stress Break
Online Interactive // 5 x 90 mins // 2015

ROLE // Director
CLIENT // Deakin University
AGENCY // The Royals
PRODUCTION CO. // The Sweet Shop
PRODUCER // Sarah Freeman

The VCE Stress Break was an online space for relieving stress in the funnest way possible – smashing things. Over the course of a week, the Break Crew – Sloth, Robot, Hotdog and Ghost – demolished their home based on the live requests of stressed-out individuals across the world. The event played out as a sitcom that culminated in 7.5 hours of live, unscripted video content.

2016 Silver Spike (Entertainment) for VCE Stress Break // Spikes Asia
2016 Bronze Spike (Digital) for VCE Stress Break // Spikes Asia

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