East Bloc Love
Documentary // 70 mins // 2011

Writer // Director // Cinematographer // Editor

Young Sergey is an openly gay activist in Belarus and has endured violence from police and skinheads. When his boyfriend is shot on the border he begins his fight for gay equality. Preparing for a defiant stand on the streets of the nation’s capital Minsk, Sergey and a few brave activists brace to show their PRIDE against the last dictatorship in Europe.


Best Documentary, Merlinka Film Festival (Belgrade, 2011)

Holland Doc 24 – Television Broadcast (Netherlands, 2014)
Sydney Mardi Gras International Film Festival (Australia, 2012)
Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Australia, 2012)
Amnesty International’s Movies That Matter Film Festival (Netherlands, 2012)
Ad Hoc: Lithuania Inconvenient Films Festival (Lithuania, 2012)
Humanity Explored Online Film Festival (Online, 2012)
Frameline International LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2011)
Merlinka International Queer Film Festival (Belgrade, 2011)
Minsk Equality Festival (Belarus, 2011)
Slavic Pride St Petersburg (Russia, 2011)
Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (USA, 2011)
Rainbow Film Festival Shropshire (UK, 2011)
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (USA, 2011)
Image+Nation International Montreal LGBT Film Festival (USA, 2011)
Florence International Queer Film Festival (Italy, 2011)
Mix Brasil Film Festival Sao Paulo (Brasil, 2011)
Mix Brasil Film Festival Rio De Janeiro (Brasil, 2011)
LGBT Film Days Riga (Latvia, 2011)